Statcount will be closing by the end of the year 2021. Use Google Analytics or other free choices.
Please download your statistics before December. 31 2021

- Revision 1.1  Released 30 apr 2002
Added update interval changer
Changed layout
Changed Tab order on buttons

- Revision 1.0  Released 22 feb 2002
Unique hits has been added to the list
Optimized network connection

- Revision 0.9  Released 10 feb 2002

We have decided to make a live client, so that you, instantly on your computer, can see the stats of your homepage. It is the first release; so all kind of feedback is appreciated.
Do you have any wishes, that you would like in the next release, feel free to email us.
We need feedback on, how it works with regular modem users, because we have only tested on leased lines.

Download here: statc.exe - size 36kb

Statcount Live