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Please download your statistics before December. 31 2021
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ!

Can I have more than one counter?
Yes, you can have all the counters you want.
Go to the Modify pages to create more counters!
Can the counter start at anything else than zero?
Yes, when you create the counter you choose what it shall start at.
Under the modify pages you can also set the starting number!
I have registered my old counter, and REG PLEASE does not disappear?
When you register the counter, you have to change the HTML code to reflect the new counter. You can find the code under the modify pages!
Is it possible to use my own counter pictures?
Yes, it is possible.
Your have to put the counter pictures, in the same folder as you HTML page.
All the pictures should be named in the following order:
Picture for 0 is named 0.png
Picture for 1 is named 1.png
Picture for 2 is named 2.png

On you HTML page you have to put the following code:
<script language="javascript" SRC=""> < /script>

There is three extensions you should change:
1. change yourid to your ID ( the one from your old counter code )
2. change counterver to your counterversion (the one from your old counter code) default is 1
3. if your counter pictures is in another format then change png som something else, that matches your requirement.
The old CGI/Perl counter will not work in the future
You have to register!
Where shall I type the code?
To make the counter work on your page, you have to add the code you get on the modify pages.
Try to open the page in Notepad, add the code to the bottom of the page then you will see the counter.
Why does my counter not appear on the top 30?
If you page has no registered name, it will not appear on the top 30.
Why has my counter been reset to zero?
The 27-01-2001 the service was removed from Unix to Windows 2000. Some of the old logfile names was full of symbols. A few of thoose did not make it to the database.